Post-Arrival: Airport Transportation

For an international student who comes to Beijing for the first time, you are recommended to take a taxi from the Beijing Capital International Airport. The taxi is available in the designated places indicated by signs in the airport. To guarantee your safety and rights, please take legally approved taxi which has a uniform color and sign. Please do not take illegal taxi, which might overchage you illegally. 

The distance from the Airport to Tsinghua University is about 35 kilometers. Under normal traffic condition, taking taxi costs around RMB 110 Yuan, including 10 Yuan for express way and 3 Yuan for fuel surcharge.

Please tell the taxi driver “I want to go to the Northeast Gate of Tsinghua University (我去清华大学东北门: Wo Qu Qing Hua Da Xue Dong Bei Men )", and show him/her the Campus Map. After entering the northeast gate of the campus, turn right at the first cross, where you will see the Zijing International Student Apartment Buildings No. 23 to 18.

There are also shuttle buses from the Airport to downtown, which cost about RMB 30 per person. Airport Shuttle Bus Line 5 has Zhongguancun as the termial station  and is available from 5:30 to 21:00. It is the nearest station to Tsinghua University. Taking taxi from Zhongguancun station to Tsinghua University charges around RMB 20.

If you choose to take the public transportation (subway and bus), please check the following information for reference: get off at Wudaokou station of Subway Line 13, and take Bus Line 549 to Dashiqiao stop which is very near to the northeast gate of Tsinghua campus. Please click for Beijing Subway Map.   


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