Post-Arrival: Bank Account

For degree-program students (undergraduate and graduate), their student IC cards are also used for payment in the dining halls, supermarkets, and internet service, etc. in the university. Therefore, every student must open an account at the Bank of China, and connect it with the student IC card for the transactions. Moreover, scholarships and allowances from the university are also transferred to that account.

After you finish your admission registration and get student IC card, you should go to the Bank of China in Zijing Student Service Center (Building C) and bring with you the passport and admission notice, where you can open a bank account, get a debit card, and connect the account with your student ID.

If you live off campus, you may open a bank account and get a debit card at the Bank of China nearby. When you come to Tsinghua University, you can connect your bank account with your student ID in the Bank of China located in Zijing Building C. In particular, only the debit card issued by Bank of China in Beijing can be used for the connection.

As there are always a long queue in the bank, it is suggested that you go through these formalities as early as possible, to avoid troubles in using your student ID and receiving scholarships.


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