AFC-French and Chinese Association

Hi everybody!

AFC stands for “Association Franco-Chinoise”, which means “French and Chinese Association”. As our name hints, our purpose is to promote French culture and language amongst Tsinghua campus by organizing joint activities between Chinese, French and other international students who are interested in French Culture.

We also help with French students’ integration on Tsinghua.

Besides arranging some language partnerships, we also organize activities such as “French corners”. The format is as follows: a student makes a less than 10 minutes PPT presentation about a topic related to French culture, and then follows free discussions between attendants. 

We would also have the project to organize activities such as French cooking lessons, French singing or wine degustations.

Next semester will be organized la “Journée de la France” standing for “France day”. It aims at enabling students to know more about France and its relationships with China. Indeed, several representatives from French schools and institutions in Beijing should come to meet Tsinghua students.

If you want to be aware of our activities, feel free to join our WeChat group (information in Chinese) at WeChat ID: thu_afc.

We also have a mailing list where information is provided in French and English (please send an email to for registration)

You can also give us your suggestions at any time!

Hoping to see you soon amongst us. 



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