Medical Insurance

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education of China, every international student who studies in China should be covered with a medical insurance and join the group medical insurance scheme designated by the university/college, meeting the fundamental medical insurance standard. For students who didn't purchase insurance, should do it within specified time; for students who doesn't purchase insurance within specified time, will not be admitted by school; for students who already in school, will be expelled from school or not allowed to register.

The group comprehensive insurance plan for the international students of Tsinghua University is underwritten by PingAn Anuity Insurance Company. For the details of the insurance, please refer to the Instructions of Insurance Schmes and Outlines of Insurance Scheme.

The students should pay for the insurance on time, to assure the medical insurance coverage. The price is RMB 600 for one year and RMB 300 for six months. If any student delays the payment, the possible loss, such as the substantial shortening of insurance coverage, will be taken by the student himself/herself.

Medical Insurance Consultation Service

Service Line: 400-810-5119

In the coverage of the group medical insurance scheme, when an international student needs medical care due to illness or accident, he/she or the companion should call the service line for consultation, providing the passport number to confirm the validity of insurance. The consultant will give instructions, or call a doctor on the line to advise.

Service Time

In Chinese: 24 hours

In English: 9:00-18:00

Out-patient Medical Treatment Guidance

In coverage of the group medical insurance, when an international student needs medical care in a public hospital due to accident or illness, he/she or the companion should call the service line 400-810-5119 for insurance assistance. The service personnel will ask for the student's passport number to confirm the validity, give some instructions, or transfer to an on-duty doctor for further advice.

During the medical treatment in the hospital, the student or the companion should keep all the invoices, medical records and diagnostic documents, to make the claim.

On the last Friday of every month, the personnel of the insurance company will come to International Students and Scholars Center (Room 0119, Zijing Apartment Building No. 22) to handle the claims.

Notice: Only the general sections in public hospitals in the mainland of China is supported by the insurance. Treatment in private hospitals, VIP sections and hospitals outside of mainland of China are not covered.

In-patient Medical Treatment Guidance

 When an international student encounters illness or accident, and need to stay in the hospital for in-patient treatment, by the examination of the doctor, he/she should follow the following steps to use the insurance properly.

  1. The patient or his/her companions call the service line 400-810-5119, and provide the patient's passport number to confirm the validity of the insurance.

  2. The consultant will talk with the doctor in the hospital to confirm the diagnosis and give advice to the patient or the companions.

  3. If the hospital is in the network of the insurance company, the patient may apply for pre-payment of the medical expense. When approved by the insurance company, the service personnel will arrage the pre-payment affairs.

  4. The patient makes the processes for in-patient treatment.

  5. If the insurance company needs some papers from the university, the patient or companions should contact the International Students and Scholars Center (010-62784857).

  6. If the patient needs assitance, he/she may contact the International Students and Scholars Center as well.

No matter whether the patient has used the pre-payment service, during the medical treatment in the hospital, the student or the companion should keep all the invoices, medical records and diagnostic documents, to make the claim.

The medical expenses before the patient is accpeted in-patient should be treated as out-patient medical expenses.

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