The campus shopping center is located in Zhaolanyuan. Besides, there are several other supermarkets, such as the Zijing Student Supermarkets on the basement of the Student Service Center (Building C) and in the Guanchouyuan Dining Plaza. Banks, bookstores, and the barber’s are also available in these areas.

Supermarkets in Zhaolanyuan

 Business Time
Zhaolanyuan Supermarket9:00—20:30
Market for fruit, vegetables, fish and meat                     8:30—20:30

Supermarkets in Dormitory Area

 Business Time
Zijing Supermarket in Guanchouyuan Dining Hall      9:00—23:00
Zijing Supermarket in Student Service Center    8:30—23:30
Zijing Supermarket near Qingfenyuan Dining Hall7:30—23:30


Grocecery in the Southeast of Qingfenyuan; Zhaolanyuan grocery market.


Zhaolanyuan Tong Ren Tang Pharmacy.

Supermarkets off campus

 Business Time

ChaoShiFa Supermarket  

(Outside the south gate of campus)         


BHG Supermarket

(Near Wudaokou Subway Station)


Lotus Supermarket

(Outside the main gate of campus)


Carrefour Supermarket

(In Zhongguancun area)


Shops for Tsinghua Souvenirs

 Business Time
Tsinghua Souvenir Service Center9:00—17:30
The 2nd floor of Tsinghua Post Office       8:30—17:30
Zijing Supermarkets9:00—23:00

Online Shopping

Online shopping is a really big thing now in China, and you can buy almost everything online, from clothes to books. All you need is internet banking. Some might not even require you to have internet banking since they accept payment upon delivery.  Here are some popular websites: 




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