Music and Art

Professional music and art performances such as symphony, drama, song and dance are frequently staged in the New Tsinghua Xuetang and  Meng Min Wei Concert Hall. Movies screenings are available in the Auditorium.

Most shows offer discounted ticket prices to students but be warned that tickets might be sold out quickly and you should queue early for the shows that you want to catch. To know more about the upcoming shows, just keep a lookout for the billboards along the roads in school and at the New Tsinghua Xuetang. You can also check out the website and add "新清华学堂" if you have a renren account at to get the latest updates.

To purchase the ticket, you should visit the ticket office located at the southeast of the New Tsinghua Xuetang. Most of the ticket sales will be at this office, though some can be purchased online.

The operating hours of the ticket office: 9:00-19:00 (closed on Tuesdays). Tel: 62781984.






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