Tsinghua International Students Celebrate Chinese New Year

According to Chinese lunar calendar, February 19th is the Chinese New Year's Day, the Spring Festival in 2015. Featured with family reuion and new year's greetings, Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival for Chinese people. Over the years, Tsinghua University hosts a reception on the New Year's Eve for the students who stay on campus without going home.

This year's reception was held in Tingtaoyuan Dining hall on the evening of February 18th. More than 60 international students and over 200 Chinese students participated in this wonderful event. Prof. Chen Xu, the Chairwoman of the University Council, Prof. Cheng Jianping, the Executive Vice President, and other vice presidents as well as faculty and staff representatives were present to deliver their season's greetings and best wishes to the students for the upcoming Year of Goat.

Art performance, lucky draws, and games made the reception warm, interactive, and full of enthusiasm and happiness. Most exciting and attractive to the international students is the demonstration of dumpling making by Prof. Chen Xu and other faculty and staff. Several international students were encouraged to practice it under supervision, and they were all very happy with their success.

While enjoying delicious New Year's Eve dinner, every student was delighted to receive a new year's gift from the university: a prepaid shopping card and a phone card for calling back to the family at this festival.


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