Follow me, Embrace the World

The 9th Global Village Cultural Expo was held in front of Building C on May 21st, 2015.

Global Village has always endeavored to display features of diverse cultures and to promote the communication between students from different cultural backgrounds. This year, the theme is Follow Me, Embrace the World. Exchange students from a record-breaking total of 22 countries joined the expo this year, including U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Mauritius.

At the scene, students enjoyed both the interactive area and the main stage. In the interactive area, students set up their own booth to introduce the culture and history of their country and people. Food, clothes, music, artifacts, along with other local features were presented in posters and handbooks while truly experienced in games and communications.

On the other hand, at the main stage, the show was equally appealing. After a short speech from the Head of International Students Office, Dr. Wu Yunxin, Tsinghua University, exchange students from Ukraine, Russia, Korea, and Mexico lit up the stage with great passion. Tsinghua students from Cha-cha team and DK5 crew also presented us with dances of strength and beauty. Traditional dances performed by Vietnamese and Malaysian students gave us an authentic taste of their local customs. Dr. Wu appreciated the global vision of the event and also shared his expectations and hope for next year.

Participants and the staff of Global Village shared a memorable afternoon at the Expo. Global Village, see you next year!

Global Village Cultural Expo was hosted by Association of Student International Communications (ASIC), Tsinghua University. Aimed at promoting inter-cultural communications, ASIC have created opportunities for Tsinghua students to experience diverse cultures and to cultivate communication skills and leadership. As one of the major events hosted by ASIC annually, ASIC members dedicate months to prepare and organize Global Village.

ASIC also hosts other widespread cultural events, namely Sweden Day, Denmark Day, Silk Road, and Initiating Mutual Understanding through Student Exchange (IMUSE). Since 2014, ASIC alumni founded ASIC Scholarship to sponsor 2 students annually for their overseas summer research.





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