Tsinghua University President Qiu Yong Meets with New Students

On August 25, 2015, new international graduate students together with new Chinese students, finished registration in their departments or schools. Tsinghua President Qiu Yong, visited some departments and schools and presented greetings to the new students from around the world.

In the Department of Industrial Engineering, President Qiu expressed his warm welcome to all the new international stuents, including those from the Global Manufacturing Master Program in English. Sulander Juhani Samuli, an international student  from Finland, showed his fluent Chinese to everyone. He told the President that he had studied Chinese language for six years and he was very glad he could study here in Tsinghua, a top university of China. The President spoke very highly of him and encougrged him to go on improving his Chinese. 

In the School of Economics and Management, Timothy Hesler, an new international student of Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program, talked to the President how he had been very impressed by the academic atmosphere of Tsinghua when he taught shortly here several years ago while studying in Harvard University. President Qiu expressed his best wishes to Timothy for gaining more in-depth knowledge at Tsinghua.

In the Department of International Relations, School of Social Sciences, the Tsinghua-Johns Hopkins SAIS Dual Degrees Program in Global Politics and Economics was also welcoming its first batch of students. Nine international students from the United States, Canada and South Korea, together with nine Chinese graduate students were preparing to start their new journey in Tsinghua. President Qiu talked to the students, hoping that the students of this program could learn from and help each other, and after graduation they would be prepared to actively participate in global governance.



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