The Asian Youth Center Held the First Badminton Tournament

Sunday the 8th saw the conclusion of the Asian Youth Centre’s first badminton tournament. With 12 enthusiastic teams, just under 50 percipients present, over 75 games played and plenty of fun had, we can safely say the day was a success.

The 12 teams, composed of two boys and two girls, competed in 4 groups playing games of men’s doubles, ladies’ doubles, mixed doubles and singles for both genders. The team that won the most games progressed to the “knock-out” round of the event.

Despite the day being staged as a “social event for increased cultural mixing” the games brought out the students’ completive flares. Team 8’s Hidayah was seen impersonating superman by diving to the ground to save her team a point many times and the Scandinavian duo, Amanda and Inge celebrated colourfully with every game they won. And they won a lot, not losing a single game from their group, if only the same could be said for boys in their team!

After 3 hours, the group stages where concluded. Songning’s team were proving to be merciless opposition in group 1, winning 8 of their 15 games and Mathieu’s team progressed out of group 2, the most competitive group of all, to set up the first semi-final. Perhaps if Team 5’s July could play badminton as well as she takes pictures, it might have been a different story! Jerry’s team overcame “superwoman” Hidayah’s team to progress to the last semi-final to meet Roman’s team which included unbeaten pair Amanda and Inge.

The French pairing of Mathieu and Thibaut were unable to slow Songning’s and his partner’s momentum and they progressed to final with a game to spare. In the other semi-final, Roman’s team was victorious, with Jerry, already “famous” in building 6 for his table tennis wins, unable to add this badminton tournament to his trophy pile. Another time Jerry.

This left the final event between Songning’s and Roman’s team: the relentless attacking talent against the unbeaten Scandinavian duo. These reputations were justified as Inge and Amanda won the ladies doubles and singles and Songning’s team cruising in the men’s doubles and singles. This left the mixed doubles game to be the final decider of the whole 5 hour tournament. Inge and Roman competed bravely, trying to play to Zhao Xi avoiding her domineering partner, but Songning’s height intercepted many shots and Inge was finally beaten. So concluded the day’s competitive games. Congratulations to the winning teams and all those who took part. A special thanks must be made to those who volunteered their time to judge the games: Jerry, Songning, Xu Lu and Thibaut and of course to the sponsor of building 6 who’s financial contributions made everything possible. Many thanks to all.

Contributor:Sam Woodford,林雅




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