Tsinghua and UW Open Dual Degree Program Under GIX

Marking a new step in international higher education, Tsinghua University and University of Washington have agreed to start a cooperative dual degree program under the Global Innovation Exchange (GIX), leaders from both universities announced Monday in Beijing.

GIX combines project-based learning in design thinking, technology development and entrepreneurship, which is to fully launch in the fall of 2016.

Chinese President Xi Jinping presented a dawn redwood tree as a gift to GIX


GIX is the first physical presence in the U.S. for a Chinese research university. The partnership between UW and Tsinghua will grow with additional degree and certificate programs and fields of study added over the next decade.

Comprehending A Global Story

The first dual degree program is to open through GIX, a new learning pattern designed to boost innovation as well as collaborations from a worldwide perspective. 

The first year of study will be at Tsinghua, with students continuing their GIX study at Bellevue, Washington which will be available from fall 2017. After that new students will start GIX each year.

GIX Makes Dream Come True

First admission of Tsinghua GIX students

Thirty students will be accepted for the program. Nine students from Tsinghua University have been admitted to GIX this year, with a quota of another 11 from China and 10 from overseas joining the growing GIX family.

"GIX shows me a path to make my dreams come true,” said He Peng, one of the first nine, who has already won first prize in the Facebook Hackathon in Australia with his team. He added: "I am a dreamer, and GIX will surely advance its realization.”

He Peng got the first prize of Facebook Hackathon in Australia

After completing the entire program, participants receive a MSTI (Master of Science in Technology Innovation) degree from UW and a MEIT (Master of Engineering in Information Technology) degree from Tsinghua. As an added bonus there is also available actual support from Microsoft, and access to top faculty, innovators and entrepreneurs.

For more information about this program, please see http://gix.tsinghua.edu.cn/

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