Tsinghua International Students & Scholars’ Gala Night 2018

On the evening of December 15th, the Tsinghua International Students and Scholars’ Gala Night 2018 was staged in the New Tsinghua Xuetang.

More than 200 performers from over 40 countries including Argentina, Australia, Finland, France, Ghana, Malaysia, Peru, South Korea, and the United States participated in the performances. Chinese and international students and scholars from Tsinghua University, along with students from Peking University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Beijing Language and Culture University and Tsinghua University Primary School, presented a brilliant evening for the audience. 24 unique performances brought everyone to their feet. Classical and modern dances, Eastern and Western cultures, slow and energetic music helped to bring everyone together in a night to celebrate the New Year.

Audience members signing their names on the board outside the New Tsinghua Xuetang while taking a group photo to remember the night.

Audience members begin to fill the seats at the New Tsinghua Xuetang.

Latino Flair, a national dance performed by Latin American students, brought the glamour and passion of Latin America onto the stage. Schwarzman College's Su Shi Yin band began preparing for the evening’s performance in September. Lead singer Clay Garner said: "The International Students and Scholars’ Gala Night is very important to Tsinghua University, just as the Spring Festival Evening is of extraordinary significance to Chinese people." The band used a combination of Eastern and Western music, hoping to share this joy with all of Tsinghua. "The Drunken Beauty", performed by the Tsinghua University’s Beijing Opera Club, gave the audience a taste of timeless quintessence. Tsinghua’s singing champion, Su Han, along with the president of Tsinghua Rap Association, Duo Ligang, who are known mainly for their version of Tsinghua's alma mater song, came together to bring a masterpiece, "Shuimu Dao", and was the first show to the stage at Tsinghua International Students & Scholars' Gala Night 2018. The song and rap performance showed Tsinghua's style, with a unique new look, and was applauded generously. Indian scholars Reshmita Nath and Chitra Shukla performed an Indian dance which brought great excitement to the audience.

The MC’s from Australia, China, Columbia, Russia and the US enter the stage to introduce to the audience the beginning of the Gala Night.

A traditional instrumental performance called "Su"

"Latino Flair" brings extreme energy to the stage

Tsinghua University’s dance team member Chen Xixi brings the audience a solo dance, "Love Letter from Afar"

The international band with members from Australia, China and South Korea sings "The Beauty of Spring"

The Scat, Jazz.up!, Joker, and DK5 energizes the crowd with their dances

Tong Haiying and Zhong Haodong brings the audience a Chen-style Taichi performance

Konovalova Daria and He Xiancong uses their amazing skill to perform "Cha-Cha-Cha"

The Tsinghua University Primary School performs the skit, "Mulan Lives On"

Su Han and Duo Ligang performs "Shui Mu Dao"

Raon brings the audience an amazing song called "Nighttime Longings"

Tsinghua University’s Beijing Opera Club brings the audience a traditional performance, "The Drunken Beauty"

 ZZAPPY’s song "High Five"

Su Jing and Yang Haoning play the piano and sing "La La Land"

The Su Shiyin band performs the song, "A Love Song"

The energetic Indian Dance

Dylan’s song, "In the Spotlight", brings the crowd to their feet

Beijing Sport University performs martial arts called, "Nunchaku"

Li Yongxiang shows off his skill in his beatbox

 You Say Wah Say’s song "One to 21"

African students show off their culture with their African Dance

The Gala Night  brought together students from all different areas of the world to enjoy a night  of 24 amazing and energetic performances, as well as a night nobody will forget  for a long time.

At 10pm, international students from all over the world sang the song, "New Year Greetings from the World", continuing to lift the energy of the audience and bringing non-stop cheers and applause. Together, let us savour all the wonderful memories of 2017 and welcome the coming of a brand new year in 2018! 



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