Asian Youth Center

The Asian Youth Center program is sponsored by  Mr. Ronald K. Y. Chao, a famous Hong Kong entrepreneur who made a donation to five top Chinese universities including Tsinghua, setting up a program for the students from China and other Asian countries to live in the same dormitory for better communications and understanding. 

Tsinghua University rebuilt the student dormitory building No. 6  in 2014 and a part of the new building is used for the Asian Youth Center. Most of the rooms in the building are AB double rooms, allowing for an international student and a local Chinese student to live in seperate A, B bedrooms  and share one bathroom and one sitting room. The University has been extending this kind of local-international student paired accommodation to the whole building and, therefore, more students from Asia and outside Asia have the opportunity to move in and benifit a lot from mutual communications. 

Currently, the international students qualified for living in the Center include the exchange students from partner universities in Asia, the students of the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP) sponsored by Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI), some of the exchange students from other regions, and the students of joint graduate programs from partner universities. The Chinese roommates are the Master's students from different majors and departments.   



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