Student Life

Tsinghua University offers a wealth of academic, living, and cultural resources to make the student life more valuable, colorful, vibrant and enjoyable.

Studying at Tsinghua

  • University library ( powered with the INNOPAC system, possessing 464 databases, 65,353 e-journals, 6.4 million e-books, and 2.4 million e-dissertations.
  • Teaching buildings and classrooms: 102,000 m2, equipped with multi-media teaching system.
  • Web-learning ( an interactive platform for course instructors and students.
  • XuetangX ( a platform of MOOCs in China, cooperated with the edX.
  • iCenter, X-lab ( the platforms of action-learning, innovation, project nurturing and entrepreneurship for students and young alumni.
  • Center for Student Learning and Development: providing assistance to the students with difficulties in course study.
  • Seminars and lectures: presented by renowned domestic and international scholars, experts, entrepreneurs, and government officials, etc.

Living in Tsinghua

  • Accommodation: singles rooms, AB rooms, and double rooms are available in the on-campus dormitories.
  • Dining: more than ten student canteens, famous for good, cheap dishes of various delicacies.
  • Music and arts: professional art performances such as symphony, drama, song and dance are frequently staged in the New Tsinghua Xuetang ( and Auditorium.
  • Sports: various sports facilities like gymnasiums, swimming pools, and sports fields are provided. To work in health for 50 years is a great urge for each student.
  • Medical care: the University hospital provides both clinic treatment and hospitalization services.
  • Psychological counseling: the Student Counseling Center provides services to improve the ability of students to adapt to the society and to relieve their psychological conflicts and pressure.

Merging into Tsinghua

Tsinghua University encourages the diversity of student development and, meanwhile, promotes trans-cultural communication.

  • Student associations ( more than 200 student associations, covering six domains: volunteer service, scientific innovation, culture, sports, arts, and outward bound, all of which are open to the international students.
  • International cultural exchange: language corners, Tsinghua's Got Talent Show, international cultural festival, and new year’s Gala night, etc.






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