Applying for a Work Permit

International scholars working in China with Z Visas must apply for a Work Permit through the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, and then apply at the Beijing Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs after their arrival. The following documents are required:

1. Passport (ORIGINAL, photocopy, and scanned electronic version in color).

2. Photocopy and electronic color version of Z Visa (for scholars) and S1 Visa (for accompanying family members), and the passport page with the entry stamp of China Customs.

3. 2-inch electronic portrait photos (front-facing, not hat, white background). 2 portrait photos for scholars, and 1 portrait photo for each accompanying family member.

4. Accommodation Registration Form (住宿登记表) issued by the police station (ORIGINAL, photocopy, and an electronic version in color).

5. Medical Authentication (ORIGINAL, photocopy, and colored scanned e-copy)

6. Scholars who have not yet provided the original copy of the 1. Degree Certificate (with authentication), 2. The certificate of work experience, 3. Non-criminal Certificate (with authentication) when applying for the Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit, must now provide these original documents (post-doctors under 40 years old, associate professors, and professors employed by Tsinghua are not required to provide these documents). Processing time for the Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit is 7-15 work days.

(*) Template document can be downloaded from the Tsinghua University Office of International Cooperation and Exchange website: (you can ask your host faculty to download the template for you).