Extending a Residence Permit

The expiry date for the Residence Permit is always the same as the Work Permit. Scholars who wish to extend their Residence Permit should first renew their Work Permit. The Residence Permit extension application may be completed by the applicants themselves or by someone on their behalf at the Division of Entry-Exit Administration, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. The following documents are required:

1. The Visa and Residence Permit Application Form obtained from ISSC.

2. Work Permit (ORIGINAL and photocopy)

3. Passport (ORIGINAL and photocopy)

4. 2-inch portrait photo (front-facing, no hat, white background)

5. Accommodation Registration Form (ORIGINAL and photocopy)

6. Employment Certificate issued by the host department/school (*)

7. Marriage certificate for the accompanying spouse, and birth certificate for accompanying child(s).

8. Scholars who are not undertaking the application themselves must provide an Authorization Letter* to the person who will apply on their behalf.

Address of Division of Entry-Exit Administration, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau:

No.2, An Ding Men Dong Da Jie, Dong Cheng District (东城区安定门东大街2号)

Processing time: 10 work days

Fee: approximately ¥400-800 RMB 

(*) Template document can be downloaded from the Tsinghua University Office of International Cooperation and Exchange website: http://gjcbg.cic.tsinghua.edu.cn/gjc/board_hwzj.jsp (you can ask your host faculty to download the template for you).