The 9th Tsinghua University International Cultural Festival

The month of May is a time for Beijing to embrace the soft breeze and fresh green grass. But it’s not only Beijing that comes alive with color and energy during May, but the Tsinghua campus too, when it hosts its annual International Cultural Festival!
The Tsinghua University International Cultural Festival, run by the International Students & Scholars Center (ISSC), is one of Tsinghua’s biggest and best events celebrating international culture on campus. This year is the Festival’s 9th year, and it has five main sub-events taking place during one week (May 12th to May 19th): 

01 Global Village 2018 – World Expo in Tsinghua

02 Championship football match between the international football teams of Tsinghua University and Beijing Language and Culture University

03 “Vision in Tsinghua, Dialogue with Ambassadors” – the Republic of Korea

04 “YEAH! World” Culture Series

05 Tsinghua’s Got Talent Show

The 9th Tsinghua University International Cultural Festival is organized by the Tsinghua University Students’ Association of International Culture Exchange (AICE), the Tsinghua University Association of Student International Communication (ASIC) & the Tsinghua Shuō Student Society of World Culture and Language Communication (Tsinghua Shuō). 

The 9th Tsinghua University International Cultural Festival is going to be bigger and better than ever before! 

This year, the Festival is taking place during one whole week (May 12th to May 19th), giving you more time to soak up the atmosphere and take part in the many interactive activities lined up.

We also have even more students getting involved and helping organize the event, including more than 50 different countries and regional student groups taking part. 

 And this year we’re bringing Tsinghua’s love of sports into the Festival, by putting on even more entertaining, fun and interactive activities for you to participate in and behold.  

So get ready, get set… go Tsinghua, and celebrate our diverse international campus culture at the 9th Tsinghua University International Cultural Festival!