International Students & Scholars Center Holds Spring Orientation for Incoming Scholars

On March the 29th, the International Students & Scholars Center (ISSC) hosted the spring semester orientation for new international scholars. Representatives from the Social Security and Welfare Office, the Housing Service and Management Center, the Security Department and Tsinghua University Hospital welcomed the new scholars and provided them with useful information for living and working at Tsinghua. 

The new scholars first introduced themselves, which was followed by Ms. ZHANG Li, Associate Director of the International Students & Scholars Center, delivering a warm welcome and giving a brief introduction of Tsinghua University and ISSC.
Staff from ISSC then introduced administration procedures, visa policies and insurance issues related to international scholars. They also outlined what cultural and club activities are on offer for scholars at Tsinghua, including the scholar-run Chinese Compass Club, that helps international scholars learn Chinese in a fun environment.Ms. FENG Hui from the Housing Service and Management Center introduced accommodation services to international scholars. Campus safety was covered by Mr. HUANG Xueyong, who provided useful tips on how to look after one’s belongings and safety. The important topic of social insurance was also outlined to new international scholars, such as the monthly taxes included in the salary payment, by Mr. CAO Feng, from the Human Resources Department. This year, Dr. LIU, Director of Physicians at Tsinghua University hospital, also attended the session, giving specific information on how to see a doctor at the campus hospital, and what services the hospital offers.

One long-term international scholar, Dr. Davide Guzzetti from the School of Aerospace Engineering then kindly shared his living experience with the new scholars, and gave useful tips - such as what are the must have apps, and where can get the best pizza in Beijing! Dr. Guzzetti gave two key suggestions to help scholars best enjoy and make the most of their time here at Tsinghua. His first suggestion was to not isolate one’s self, make friends and get involved in activities. His second, was the try to pick up a bit of Chinese, as, even though at Tsinghua many people on campus speak English, learning Chinese will help international scholars feel more at home and enable them to access even more resources.
Lastly, the new scholars were treated to a wonderful performance of Tai Chi, by Ms. Tong Haiying, a faculty member’s spouse, who introduced Tai Chi’s health benefits and welcomed the new scholars to take part in her new Tai Chi class run especially for international scholars and students, to commence this semester.  

9 participants from 7 departments and 7 countries attended the orientation session.

The following day, the new international scholars went on a campus tour and a made a visit to the University Library, greeted by Ms. LIU Yujing, to become acquainted with the big and beautiful Tsinghua campus.