Vision in Tsinghua, Dialogue with Ambassadors – Pakistan

On November 22nd, 2018, Tsinghua University welcomed His Excellency Mr. Masood Khalid, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the People’s Republic of China, for an official visit. Ambassador Khalid also took part in the eighth event of ‘Vision in Tsinghua, Dialogue with Ambassadors’. Before the event, Ambassador Khalid met Vice President YANG Bin to discuss collaboration between Tsinghua and The Pakistani Embassy.

Ambassador Khalid meeting with YANG Bin, Vice President of Tsinghua University

During the discussion, YANG Bin expressed his welcome to Ambassador Khalid, and gave his remarks on the strong relationship between China and Pakistan. He then introduced Ambassador Khalid to the key reforms and developments of higher education taking place in Tsinghua. Meanwhile, he also showed his appreciation to the increasingly frequent communications between the education institutions in China and Pakistan. Tsinghua has also played an active part in promoting such cultural exchanges - Pakistani students and scholars at Tsinghua make up an integral part of the university’s international body and have made great contributions to the multiculturalism on campus.

Ambassador Khalid congratulated Tsinghua University in taking steps in globalization and establishing a reputation for the pursuit of excellence of research and education. He also thanked Tsinghua University for its devotion in pushing forward student exchange between the two countries and expressed his wishes for further collaboration.

After the meeting, Ambassador Khalid attended the eighth event of ‘Vision in Tsinghua, Dialogue with Ambassadors’, where he was received by Professor LI Xiguang, Dean of Tsinghua University Center for International Communications Studies, along with a welcome address by Ms. ZHANG Yimeng, Executive Director of the International Students & Scholars Center.

Before the speech, Ambassador Khalid expressed his warm welcome and gratitude to the students and scholars in the audience. He spoke highly of Tsinghua’s efforts in fostering international communication, and applauded the event of “Vision in Tsinghua, Dialogue with Ambassadors” for promoting trust and understanding between youth from different backgrounds through academic and cultural discussions.

Ambassador Khalid gave a speech about Pakistan’s culture, current policy goals and its relationship with China.

He stated, “Pakistan is a country that is often misunderstood.” In western media, things are distorted and twisted to portray a certain image of Pakistan, which is often not based upon reality. Due to its unique geographical location, Pakistan has immense cultural diversity. As a melting pot of cultures and civilizations, Pakistan’s folk heritages are rooted in antiquity. Ambassador Khalid said,“ if you go to Pakistan now, you can see a great variety of cultures, old and new.”

Ambassador Khalid then introduced Pakistan’s current foreign policy goals.

Pakistan aims to safeguard national security, territorial integrity, political sovereignty, and economic interests abroad, and to project the image of Pakistan as a progressive, modern and democratic Islamic country. Pakistan wishes for peace, stability and friendly relations with Afghanistan, India, and other countries. Pakistan will fulfil its responsibilities as a responsible member of the international community by participating in international affairs and protecting the interests of the Pakistani diaspora.

Ambassador Khalid then highlighted the cordial relationship that Pakistan has had with China since independence.

Pakistan was the first non-communist country that recognized the People’s Republic of China, it helped arrange China-US meetings with Dr. Henry Kissinger and supported China as the representative on the UN Security Council. Pakistan was the first non-communist country to have its airline fly to China.


“The Pakistan-China relationship in one based on mutual trust and respect, and is a strategic choice for During the Q&A session, Ambassador Khalid discussed multiple issues relating to politics, economics, culture and tourism.

Towards the end of the event, Ms. ZHANG Yimeng, and a student representative presented a piece of calligraphy work to Ambassador Khalid as a token of appreciation. The embassy also treated the audience to a variety of Pakistan’s traditional foods. Meanwhile, the attendees had the chance to interact with the distinguished guests.