First International Student Campus Safety Salon Releases “SMART” Campus Safety Initiative

On November 8th, 2019, the first Tsinghua University International Student Campus Safety Salon, co-organized by the International Students & Scholars Center, the Security Department and the Student Community Management & Service Center, was held at the International Culture xSpace. More than 30 students from 20 different countries participated in the event and interacted with the THU Campus Safety Ambassadors as well as staff from organizing departments. Based on the salon, a "SMART" Campus Safety Initiative was released.

Group photo of attendees present at the Safety Salon

Prof. LI Jinliang, Dean of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and Director of International Students & Scholars Center, Dr. LI Zhihua, Director of Security Department and Dr. XIANG Chun, Director of Student Community Management & Service Center gave opening speeches at the event. Prof. LI Jinliang stressed that safety is fundamental for student’s academic and future development and success and noted the importance placed on campus safety by Tsinghua University. Dr. LI Zhihua introduced the university’s campus safety measures and efforts, and extended his hope that all members of the Tsinghua community increase their safety awareness and compliance with laws and regulations. Dr. XIANG Chun introduced student community safety management and noted that Tsinghua has made great strides in improving the integration of international students into the greater community. 

Remarks by Prof. LI Jinliang, Dr. LI Zhihua, and Dr. XIANG Chun 

Students listening to speeches and engaging in discussion 

Participating international students, staff from organizing departments, and Tsinghua Campus Safety Ambassadors enthusiastically discussed and exchanged views on a variety of campus safety aspects, including: transportation, electric bike charging and identification tags, bicycle management, emergency calls and English language services, usage of electricity in student dorms, and visiting time for visitors of student dorms. During the discussion, international students also remarked on the high overall level of personal safety that they feel on campus.

To better educate students about safety issues and enhance their skills, the salon held a special interactive and simulation activities session. Students took part in various simulations, including navigating an obstacle course while "drunk driving", riding safety VR, tying safety knots, and practicing the Heimlich maneuver.


International students taking part in an interactive safety activity

To bring the salon to a close, on behalf of fellow participating international students, a Tsinghua Campus Safety Ambassador from Zimbabwe and a student from Azerbaijan together delivered the Tsinghua University International Students Campus Safety Initiative. The Initiative hopes to help cultivate a safer campus environment by calling upon all international students to improve safety awareness and take safety actions. 


Students delivering Campus Safety Initiative

As of September 2019, Tsinghua University’s international student population has exceeded 4,000 from more than 130 different countries around the world. 


Tsinghua University International Students Campus Safety Initiative


We, the representatives of international students and attendees of the Tsinghua University International Students Campus Safety Salon held on November 8, 2019, engaged in discussion and exchange on campus safety.  

We have concluded that the campus and its safety belongs to us all, and that we are the beneficiary, advocate and supervisor of campus safety. Every individual can partake in a joint effort to preserve campus safety by dealing with small safety matters around ourselves. 

Therefore, we propose the following "SMART" safety action initiative:  

1. Stay alert of safety hazards and protect yourself from danger.

2. Maintain campus traffic safety and follow traffic rules.

3. Adhere to electrical appliance and battery regulations. 

4. Refrain from using open flames in dormitories.

5. Take care not to engage in transactions with strangers.


Campus safety is everyone' s responsibility. Let' s work together to make Tsinghua a safe and secure place for all.