THU International Basketball Team Is Back!


Tournament Introduction

The Basketball Games for Foreigners in Beijing is an international basketball tournament organized and hosted by the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports.

It has been successfully hosted for four consecutive years, gathering more than 50 teams in Beijing, including officials from foreign embassies, such as the United States and Russia, foreign employees from enterprises, students from international schools and universities.

This is the second year for the Tsinghua International Basketball Team to take part in this tournament. With a year of training, pains and gains, and the strength brought by new members, they are ready!

Game Info.

THU International vs. BITO International 

Nov 16th, Saturday 16:40

THU International vs. AIIB Team

Nov 17th, Sunday 13:00

Location: Multi-function Hall of HI-PARK, Wukesong, Beijing

About the Team  

The Tsinghua University International Basketball Team was established in 2018 under the guidance of International Students & Scholars Center. 

A word from the captain:

Tsinghua's motto "无体育,不清华" (no sports, no Tsinghua) signifies the importance that we place on sports. Just as in our studies, practice and passion fuels us to continuously improve in what we love, Basketball. Numerous team practices and several friendly competitions have all led up to this tournament. As our second time entering this competition, we understand the energy and mindset we need in order to win. We are a young, but full of fighting force team, ready to take the spirit of Tsinghua to meet every challenge!

Now, let’s meet our team members: 

Players List



Nationality: Chinese

Position: Coach/ Center 

Former CUBA starting center



George Li李天勤


Nationality: American

Position: Captain/ SF/ SG 

Hobbies: Photography, movies, cheesy pickup lines

#得分机器#Automaticthrees #builtlikeanextentioncord

Uchenna (Uchi)

"We Go Again"

Nationality: Nigerian 

Position: Center

Hobbies: A bit of everything

#MakeroomfortheBIGMAN #hiddenSG

David 赵善朗

"Play hard, 

work hard.


 Nationality: Australian 

Position: PG/SG

Hobbies: Ball is life

#newblood #00后


"我爱我的爸爸妈妈, 有空我就回家陪他们"

Nationality: American 

Position: PG/ SG 

Hobbies: Basketball, hotpot, rapping, learning Chinese 

#D1player #TheCarry #LaoAn


"Fear the nerds"

Nationality: Russian 

Position: Point god 

Hobbies: sleeping??

#thoseshandlestho #THUDrake



Nationality: American

Position: SF/PF

Hobbies: Calisthenics, Guitar

#TippyToeBigMan #Sao #Iwillgetyenexttimekai

Richard "Rick"张敏胜

"stay locked in"

Nationality: Indonesian 

Position: PF/C

Hobbies: Drumming

#protectthoseanklesmann #drummerboi #shootingbigman


"Don’t wait until later"

Nationality: American 

Position: PG/SF

Hobbies: food, good food, delicious food, Mala Xiangguo

#bestdefensethatfouls #NiceMansion

Jose Nogueron

"Teamwork makes the Dream Work"

Nationality: Spanish

Position: SG/ SF 

Hobbies: Arts, Reading, Philosophy, Sports.

#TheSpanishKD #He’sjustUnfair #Wingspan

Andrew Wu

"Clear eyes,

full hearts,

 can't lose"

Nationality: American 

Position: SF

Hobbies: playing piano, learning Chinese



"Say no to stress"

Nationality: South Korean 

Position: SG/ SF

Hobbies: Sports and Food