Physical Examination

International Students must complete the Foreigner Physical Examination Form in order to register at the University. Below are the two options for how the physical examination can be completed.

1.Complete the Foreigner Physical Examination in home country.

The Foreigner Physical Examination Form is included in the admission package that will be sent to students in the mail prior to arrival at the university. The student can take the form to a hospital or clinic in their home country. The form should be written and signed and stamped by the doctor conducting the examination. Please note that the form should include two stamps: 1) on top of the students photograph 2) at the end of the form. The stamp must be the official stamp of the hospital or clinic and it cannot be substituted with a signature. Without being official stamped, the form will not be authenticated by the relevant authority in China. The original form must then be brought to China (including the original blood test reports) and presented to the Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center - Haidian branch for authentication. The student will then receive a Physical Examination Report after authentication is approved. If the health documents provided do not meet the Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center’s standards, the student must redo the health examination at the Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center.

2.Complete the Foreigner Physical Examination after arrival in Beijing.

After arriving in China, students can undergo the physical examination at the Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center - Haidian branch to obtain the Physical Examination Report. More information can be found by referring to the Physical Examination Authentication section.