Bank Card

After arriving at Tsinghua, new students must apply for a Bank of China bank account to obtain a bank card, which will then be linked to their student IC card. Once prepaid with money from the bank card, the student IC card can be used at canteens, libraries, computer labs, supermarkets, and to make other payments. Additionally, scholarship funds and other types of financial stipends, subsidies or reimbursements will be deposited via this bank card account.

In order to better settle-in and make use of their IC card payment functions, students are highly encouraged to apply for a Bank of China bank account as soon as possible. The Bank of China can be found on the Tsinghua campus, on the 1st floor of Zijing Student Service Centre (C Building), approximately 300 meters west of the international student dormitories. During the registration period, Bank of China staff will be on-site to receive materials for the bank account application.