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Join|A Visit to Lenovo


The International Students & Scholars Center (ISSC) will organize a visit for international students to the leading IT enterprise in China, Lenovo, on the afternoon of November 21, 2019 (Thursday). Students will not only visit the Lenovo future center, the new landmark of China's science and technology, but will also be able to experience products and interact with senior international staff in Lenovo.Lenovo is the world's largest PC manufacturer and is one of the top-five fastest-growing suppliers. In addition to its excellent performance of PC growth, with the development of the IOT and big data era, Lenovo aims to provide end-to-end industry solutions for customers in different industries, including manufacturing, transportation, retail, medical and service. It aims to build China's first enterprise technology display platform, and mainly focus on Lenovo's intelligent innovation and ideological leadership.

Date & Time: 13:30-16:00, November 21, 2019 (Thursday)

Location: Lenovo Headquarter (Located in Zhongguancun software park, Beijing)

Language: English

Target Audience: Tsinghua University international students

Number of accepted applicants: 25 (first come first serve)

Registration Deadline: 12:00, November 18th, 2019 (Monday)

How to Register

SCAN the QR code below and complete the application form