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Tsinghua University International Cultural Festival


Beginning May 12, 2018, “The 9th Tsinghua University International Cultural Festival” was an exhibition of the international flair and highlight of the sports and athleticism of Tsinghua. Also serving as a communication platform for amiable international exchanges between Chinese and international students and scholars, the International Cultural Festival promoted the establishment of international culture on campus. For the first time, the International Cultural Festival was organized into an extended “culture week” consisting of a series of four main segments of eight events. At the “Global Village” international cultural exhibition on May 12, enthusiastic crowds filled the Zijing Sports Field. Surrounding the theme of “any door”, singers and dancers performed passionately on the main stage while 60 tents, each vividly presenting culture of different countries, populated the field for people to visit freely. The wide array of interactive activities attracted more than 6,000 Chinese and international students to the scene. On May 13th, the Tsinghua International Student Football Team and Beijing Language and Culture University International Student Football Team faced-off in a thrilling football competition. Next, the YEAH! World Culture Series’ sub-events: It Takes Two to Tango, German Culture Corner, Carnival in Paris, Indonesian Culture: from Sabang to Merauke, and the Japanese Summer Festival were held consecutively. Additionally, Lu Yingming, the South Korean Abassador to China, guest spoke for “Vision in Tsinghua, Dialogue with Ambassadors,” and exchanged views on Sino-Korean relations.

The first annual “Tsinghua University International Cultural Festival” was established in 2009, and has henceforth served as a bridge of cultural exchange and communication between the international and Chinese students of Tsinghua. It is the perfect platform for Tsinghua’s international students to showcase and share their home countries’ culture. After many years of development, the “Tsinghua University International Cultural Festival” has become one of the most large-scale and anticipated events of the international student community.