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Accommodation and Housing

The University provides on-campus apartments for international scholars. These include one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments. For those coming to Beijing for the first time, living on campus is highly advisable. It is quite difficult to find a suitable apartment once you arrive, and you may need to furnish it and also undertake registration procedures yourself off campus, such as obtaining an Accommodation Registration Form from the local police station.

Because the availability of apartments in Tsinghua is limited, you should ask your host department at Tsinghua to apply for one on your behalf as soon as possible. If you find an appropriate apartment off-campus to rent, you are free to move there. What is most important for foreign nationals living on- and off-campus is that they are always registered at their local police station by obtaining an Accommodation Registration Form (住宿登记表).

Tips for Living on Campus

Water, gas and electricity bills: If you live on campus you are responsible for paying for your own water, gas and electricity usage.

Tap water is not drinkable in Beijing and should first be boiled before consumed. If spending more than a few months in Beijing it is recommended that you either purchase bottled water or a water tank during your time in Beijing.