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Students Associations

Student associations serve as important “second classrooms” for cultivating students' hobbies and all-round growth. Student associations provide a space for students to continue their personal development, expand their horizons and make friends. For international students, joining student association activities can help them greater integrate into their new environment and enjoy a more
enriching campus life.

At present, Tsinghua University has more than 270 student associations, covering many areas including culture, arts, sports, science and innovation, and public welfare. Tsinghua University's Student Associations Fair for recruiting new members is held every March and
October in front of the Zijing Student Service Center (C Building).

More information can be found through the following website:, or contact the Student Associations Department directly for further information:

Student Associations Department office

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Address: Room 307, Zijing Student Service Center (C Building)

Contact number: 62772347