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Comprehensive Medical Insurance

1. Insurance Basic Information
Insurance: In accordance with the regulations formulated by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and requirements of the University, international students must purchase the designated insurance.

2. Making an Insurance Claim
Chinese Government Scholarship students using the comprehensive medical insurance can make an insurance claim in the case of accidental injury or hospitalization due to illness.

1) When accumulative out-patient medical expenses exceed RMB 650 during the period of one calendar year (but medical expenses can be no more than RMB 600 per day), 85% of the amount will be covered by the comprehensive medical insurance. For specific details please consult with the Ping An insurance company.

2) For comprehensive medical insurance liabilities, policies, expenses, claims procedures and other detailed information, please refer to or call their 24-hour service line 4008105119-1.




1) 奖学金生学年度内门诊医疗的合理费用累计超过650元的(注:每日门诊医疗费日限额600元),超出部分由平安养老保险股份有限公司北京分公司按照保险条款赔付85%。(保险产品条款请咨询保险公司)。

2) 建议奖学金生在发生疾病进行门诊就诊前登录官方网站 查询,或拨打服务电话4008105119-1进行医疗咨询、就医指导和理赔查询。