IT & Internet
Accessing the Internet(Students)

Once a student’s internet account has successfully been activated, the student may access the internet via LAN ports located in their dormitory room and/or wireless networks accessible throughout the entire campus (Wi-Fi network name: Tsinghua). Every dormitory room has one or two LAN port(s).

Once connected to the internet via a LAN port or wireless network, students can begin browsing the internet by launching their web browser and logging in to the internet at When going offline, students can click “Disconnect” to completely disconnect from the network to prevent unnecessary data consumption.

Note that browsing Tsinghua University websites is free-of-charge, and does not consume any data; in this case, students may choose to de-select “Browse Off-Campus Networks” (访问校外网络) when logging onto the Internet.

Students can log into manage their internet account (including to manually disconnect a separate device from the Internet, check their current internet balance, or view other account information).

Finally, students can directly download applications and manage Tsinghua Internet Services through or