IT & Internet
Accessing the Internet(Scholars)

Activate a New Account

Once you have obtained your campus ID card, you can go to the Network Center to activate your internet account prior to first use, create it, and top it up later when necessary.

Location: Room A128, Lee Shau Kee Science and Technology Building (李兆基科技大楼)

Internet office working hours: 08:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 on workdays.

Contact information: for any issue regarding the school network, you can contact the Network Center at 62784859, or email them

What Does the University Internet Service Provide?

1. A dynamic Ipv4 address

2. 1 user account

3. Up to 3 connections under the same user account

4. A “” mailbox

5. 12 Yuan for 25GB of data per month (additional data may be purchased at the rate of 2 Yuan/GB)

Accessing the Internet

Once your account is activated, internet service is easily accessible in your dormitory and around campus via LAN ports and the wireless network (network name is Tsinghua).

- To login, launch your web browser, and type in, and then put in your ID and password.

- To manage your account (such as to disconnect a particular connection or to check your current balance), please sign in via

- To help users manage their data usage, the school has also come up with a software, TUNET, which caters for both computers and mobile devices. This software can be downloaded via

For further network related information, please refer to: only in Chinese)

Some Useful Websites

1. Official announcements and information:

2. Tsinghua Library (English version):

Free computer software: