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Due to the limited amount of accommodation available on campus, students should reserve a dormitory in advance. For more information, please refer to the Instructions for Tsinghua University International Students Dormitory Room Booking Application System (included in the admission package). For those who could not reserve accommodation on-campus, they will need to make their own housing arrangements off campus. Students who will receive the Chinese Government Scholarship (full scholarship), or students who have been selected to live in the Asian Youth Center will automatically be reserved a room, and therefore do not need to reserve a room themselves.

On-Campus Living

The Tsinghua University International Student Apartments are the Zijing Apartment Buildings 19-23, and the Asian Youth Exchange Center (Building 6). There are three different room arrangements: double rooms, single rooms and “AB” rooms (with separate bedrooms and a shared bathroom). Double rooms are 40 RMB per day and the single and “AB” rooms are 80 RMB per day.

The dormitories are each equipped with a desk, bed and closet. A mattress, quilt, pillow and bed linen are also provided. There are specific times for the use of hot water for showering in the dormitories, which are as follows: 7:00am - 2:00pm and 5:00pm - 12:00am each day. Each year, the air conditioning system for the buildings is turned on between June 1st and September 30th, and the heating system is turned on between November 15th and March 15th. Each building has its own public spaces for use by students, such as a study lounge, workshop space, multi-purpose room, light sports space (facilities vary from building to building). Also, apart from the AB rooms in building 20 that have a small room kitchen, all buildings have communal kitchens. Students need to use their own cooking utensils and supplies. All buildings are equipped with public washing machines, and some buildings also have dryers.

According to school regulations, the Zijing Apartment Buildings 19-23 are for international students. Friends or family members are allowed to visit, but they must first register at the reception desk on the ground floor of the building after presenting their valid ID document. Guests are not permitted to stay overnight, and can visit between the hours of 8:00am and 11:00pm.

Students residing in the dormitories must abide by the dormitory rules and regulations stipulated in the Tsinghua University Administrative Measures for International Student Dormitory Accommodation. The measures include that that smoking indoors and the use of cooking appliances in areas other than the common kitchens are prohibited in the apartment buildings, and that the following objects are prohibited for being used or stored in the apartments: electric vehicle batteries and chargers (including scooter batteries), immersion heaters, electric blankets, electric water heaters, electric heaters or open flames such as candles. In the event of illegal residence in the apartment, the charging of electric vehicle batteries, non-residents staying in the apartment overnight, or the use of prohibited electrical appliances of the causing of a fire, the student’s right to accommodation will be forfeit.

Off-Campus Living

Due to the limited amount of on-campus accommodation, some students will need to find accommodation off campus. Students who do not have a dormitory room reserved on campus can choose to rent an apartment off campus. Before moving in to any off-campus accommodation, it should be checked whether the landlord can provide the documentation required for the issuing of a Registration Form of Temporary Residence ( 临时住宿登记表).There are many housing agencies located near the Tsinghua campus. Their services and prices offered should be compared in advance. Below are some factors to be aware of when looking for off-campus accommodation:

1. Choose a legal, reputable housing agency. Research online or through the State Administration for Industry and Commerce ( 中国工商行政管理机关 ) for the credentials and qualifications of housing agents and inquire with friends or others about their experiences using housing agents in the area.

2. Do not simply trust the introduction given by the housing agent. Make sure to inspect the apartment room, its facilities and the surrounding area in person.

3. Check and verify the landlord’s credentials and property credentials, including whether the property has the right to be rented out. If signing a lease through a third-party agent, check the agency agreement and understand the agency’s terms and conditions and their right to sign the contract.

4. Carefully read through the conditions outlined in the rental contract and check whether the rights and obligations of the two parties are fair. Take note of whether the responsibility for a specific breach of contract is clearly defined and ensure that all commitments are written and signed off by the agent in the contract, not simply conveyed by spoken word.

5. Pay attention and check through the information provided in receipts given, including the deposit amount and rental fee, and keep safe official documents and payment receipts. Note that in Chinese, one should pay attention to the contract and invoices when the term “dingjin” is used, as there are two types of “dingjin” in Chinese. The first is “ 定金 ” (dìngjīn), which is a type of deposit/advance payment that you can get back should you choose to exit out of the contract, and the second is 订金 (dìngjīn), which is a type of deposit/advance payment that you cannot get back once paid.

6. Do not pay any deposit or make a payment until a full agreement is formally reached.

7. After signing the contract, go to the local police station to apply for the Registration Form of Temporary Residence.

For more information, refer to the Accommodation Guide for International Students.

On-Campus Hotels

Tsinghua Jiasuo Hotel ( 清华大学甲所 ) Contact number: 62793001, then transfer to the bookings department

Tsinghua Bingsuo Hotel ( 清华大学丙所 ) Contact number: 62793001, then transfer to the bookings department

Tsinghua Jinchunyuan Hotel ( 清华大学近春园 ) Contact number: 62793001, then transfer to the bookings department

Off-Campus Hotels

Sun Home Fashion Hotel ( 三和概念酒店 )

Address: 85 Shuangqing Street, Haidian District ( 海淀区双清路 85号 )

Contact number: 62340038

Beijing Wenjin Hotel ( 北京文津国际酒店 )

Address: TUS Park, Haidian District ( 海淀区清华科技园 )

Contact number: 62525566 Website:

Beijing Holiday Inn ( 北京红杉假日酒店 )

Address: 89 Shuangqing Street, Haidian District ( 海淀区双清路 89 号 )

Beijing Lanting Hui Hotel ( 北京兰亭汇快捷酒店 )

Address: 35 Chengfu Street, Haidian District( 海淀区成府路 35 号 )

Contact number: 62619296

Peking University Youth Hostel ( 北京未名国际青年旅舍 )

Address: 150 Chengfu Street, Haidian District

( 海淀区成府路150号 )

Contact number: 62549667

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