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Important Documents

Before arriving at the university, please prepare the following documents:

1. Admission Notice (original and photocopy)

2. Visa Application for Study in China (JW202/201 Form) (original and photocopy)

3. Passport (original and photocopy). If passport has been renewed after application, be prepared to show both the old and new passport upon registration at Tsinghua. It is recommended to bring 8 recently taken passport-style photos (2 inches, with a white background), which may be required for school administrative formalities.

4. Students under 18 years old should provide a “China Guardian Certificate” (to be obtained once in China). Chinese name: 在华监护人公证书.

5. Highest diploma and degree certificate (original copy)

6. Foreigner Physical Examination Form. For students who have not completed the examination form, they can go to the Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center - Haidian branch to complete the examination. Refer to the Physical Examination Authentication section on page 12 of this Guide.

* Note: In addition to the above documents, other materials may be required for each individual depending on the degree or non-degree program. Refer to relevant notices received before entering the university.