Center for Psychological Development
Make A Reservation

CPD cares about students’college transition, interpersonal relations, advisor/mentor-student relations, stress management, emotional management, adaptability to new environments, depressive moods, etc.

All counselors are qualified by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China (National Vocational Qualification Certificate of Psychological Counseling), or Chinese Psychological Society (Certified Psychological Branch), or Chinese Association of Mental Health (Certified Psychotherapy Division) standards.

1. Online reservation

Before the English version of the reservation system is available, students are most welcome to contact CPD via including students’ name, student ID, a brief description of concerns, and preferred time slots in the email. As CPD provides psychological services to all students at Tsinghua, students are expected to find an available time within one to two weeks of making the appointment.

Students who manage to read and type in Chinese can also use the current online reservation system to book an appointment. Students can first complete the university registration and then make reservation via this link:

Students shall make sure to complete university registration first, as it would be impossible to login to the online reservation system without a student account.

2. On-site reservation

Another way to make an appointment is to come directly to the CPD office in Room 409 of the Student Service Center (“C Building”) to make an appointment with the receptionist.

3. Emergency

Students with an emergency situation shall seek help from anyone nearby who can be trusted or call your local emergency number (such as 110 in Beijing).

Students can also call CPD office at 62782007 for further support.

4. 24-hour Campus Services Hotlines
Together with the THU Safety and Security Office and the Center for Student Community Management Service, the CPD launches 24-hour uninterrupted campus services hotlines, assisting students with their mental health, safety and security, and accommodation and dormitory life.